Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Don't Know What I Love

So I've been working on this needlepoint and I've been really into it.
As you can see, the picture that came with the kit has it saying "I Love Rainbows" but the beauty of the piece is that I don't have to love rainbows if I don't wanna.
I can love whatever I want!
But I don't know what I love!

What do you think it should say?

My Pink Bathrobe

I am very particular about my robes.
They should never be too long, for example. I also enjoy robes with pockets.
I found this terrycloth gem at H&M a few years ago.
As you can see, it has pockets as well as hood, which is perfect for when my hair is wet.
The color is a beautiful shade of Roxy Carmichael pink.
I love you bathrobe!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Never Go Out: I Stay Home

Welcome to my new side blog. It's about not partying but rather staying home. There will be no party pictures, only snuggly pictures and discussions on topics such as:

-Different kinds of housepants, nightgowns, bathrobes, and jammies (it's a fashion blog)
-Cool and pretty bedding, blankets, and decorative pillows (an interior design blog)
-Fun things to do when you stay home (it's an adventure blog)
-"Konversations With Kats" (the hottest interviews in town)
-Pictures of Spooky and Champ and maybe other animals one day too (it's like
-"Conversations 'bout Cuddlin'" (self explanatory)


Stay tuned!
*Champ and myself wearing a Sophomore tank top to bed because it's too hot in here.