Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Never Go Out: I Stay Home

Welcome to my new side blog. It's about not partying but rather staying home. There will be no party pictures, only snuggly pictures and discussions on topics such as:

-Different kinds of housepants, nightgowns, bathrobes, and jammies (it's a fashion blog)
-Cool and pretty bedding, blankets, and decorative pillows (an interior design blog)
-Fun things to do when you stay home (it's an adventure blog)
-"Konversations With Kats" (the hottest interviews in town)
-Pictures of Spooky and Champ and maybe other animals one day too (it's like
-"Conversations 'bout Cuddlin'" (self explanatory)


Stay tuned!
*Champ and myself wearing a Sophomore tank top to bed because it's too hot in here.


  1. Not to sound like a megalomaniac, but a blog with this title has no business not being all about me. I think every post should be an interview with me. In fact, I think you need a time machine so you can go back to the early 1990s and begin interviewing me back then. I was not going out when you were still in your diapers.

  2. suggested other topics:
    "best meals to eat in bed with your laptop'
    "teevee talk: marathons rule, or why it's ok to watch 8 straight hours of illegally downloaded content without getting dressed"
    "knee socks"

    this blog speaks to me, as IT IS CLOSE TO MY REALITY.

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  4. this is going to be AMAZING! I had no idea how much I needed something like this until now.. thank you!

    - midnight snack recipes that can be made with leftovers.
    - crazy time sapping websites
    - bedroom fitness
    - evening agenda: nail painting, cleaning, before and after photos!

  5. ahhhh I have more ideas:
    -good netflix 'watch instantly' gems (movie reviews).
    -good excuses to give your friends for flaking.

    Also, I have some good 'ask Lesley' questions for you! Such as: okay, so I'm 24 and all my friends go out and have fun- but all i want to do is lay in bed, and go to bed early. I'm not depressed. What is my problem? Why do I not want to socialize?

  6. you have the best eyebrows ever.

    maybe your needlepoint could be "i love my eyebrows"

  7. This blog rocks.

    Best idea ever.

    You rock.


  8. this could be my new favourite blog.

  9. I love you Leslie Arfin!

  10. Haha just what I need :)

  11. just reading youre book(BTW i love it) and i found this blog <3

    couse i have messed everything up lately and seriously thinking that i should stop drinking,this blog is just what i like! sometimes staying home can be the best thing that you can do! i do enjoy of it but in my age it kinda makes you feel lonely when everyone else is out there smashing their lifes and you sit on youre on at home... but atleast now i know there is someone else in this galaxy who does not hang out at bars every weekend,so it kinda makes my feelings better and makes me wanna stay inside some often:)
    but please,keep writing (a lot) i love u!!!!!