Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Don't Know What I Love

So I've been working on this needlepoint and I've been really into it.
As you can see, the picture that came with the kit has it saying "I Love Rainbows" but the beauty of the piece is that I don't have to love rainbows if I don't wanna.
I can love whatever I want!
But I don't know what I love!

What do you think it should say?


  1. suggestions : i love staying in, i love blingee, i love sleeping in, i love bathrobes, i love needlepoint, i love cats, i love nothing.

  2. i like "i love"

  3. that sun at the top is making me the happiest.

  4. when youre google stalking someone, it helps soooo much to put quotes around their name...!

  5. "my robe" and then put it on the wall above the hook above where your robe lives.

  6. What did you end up loving?1