Thursday, March 4, 2010

An Evening Delight: Tub Time

Oh look at this regular closet. It's just a boring old closet...
Or is it??? Let's open the door and find out.
My tiny apartment has a few quirks, one of them being that I don't have a "bathroom." Instead I have a "toilet room" (aka "The Terlet Room") and a bathtub/shower behind these lil doors next to my bed/kitchen sink. (That's right. Just one sink where I wash both my dishes AND face). I make the best out of the situation and I know that one day when I move to a grown up apartment, I will look back at this with warmth in my heart.
But most of the time it kinda sucks.
Taking a bath is a great activity for when it's cold out and you wanna stay in. I love all kinds of bubbles and salts. I bring a dry washcloth in so I can easily flip the pages on my NY magazine or smoke a cig. EXTRA FUN: TURN THE PHONE OFF.


  1. AMAZING !
    Plus it reminds me of 'coffee and cigarettes' which is appropriate if you smoke in your bath, and I'm sure you enjoy a warm beverage too.

  2. OMGROTFLOLZZZZZZZLMAO! i guess this is one of the perks of living in new york

    hey by the way whats that beautiful jeremy scott item i see flowing in the wind?

  3. PLZ give us a tour of your wardrobe

  4. this blog sounds fun! not like a fun night out but like a fun dip while reading the weeks of newspapers ;)


  5. I would love that bath! It seems so much cooler than a regular bath, and plus..if your with company, your not far away from the bedroom hehe ;) xxx

  6. Mmm it's nearly bathtime weather here in sunny Oz. Glass of red in the bath with a cigarette, watching a DVD on the laptop while the cat watches me with her WTF face. Also when I'm really stressed I pretend the steam coming off the hot water are all my problems floating away and dissipating. Hippy alert! But it helps.

  7. Also I second Anonymous' request for a wardrobe tour. Clothes sorting is a great night-in activity. :)

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