Friday, March 12, 2010

INGO: Hotel Edition

Going out in a foreign country is fun, but it has it's down sides too.
Sometimes you're jet lagged.
Sometimes you don't feel like "meeting new people."
Sometimes you don't feel like being an outsider.
Guess what's really fun, always no matter what?
Especially if it's kind of nice! (or really nice)
Especially if it's free!
Especially if there's a bathtub, a window that opens, and a chandelier that hangs over the bed.
Maybe there's a good movie on?
Maybe you can order hot chocolate room service?
Maybe you can ask for extra pillows?

[Wearing: navy turtled-neck from Uniqlo, vintage thermal underwear from thrift.]

I'm Sweden for work and it's VERY COLD. I have jet lag and have been working all day. I had a good day and even hit the streets for a minute, but I slipped out so I could enjoy so hotel life. I love hotels. I'd live in one if I could afford it.


  1. hotel beds are the best too. super bouncy super clean super fresh

    also your hair looks awesome

  2. Your hair (and you) look gorgeous! My favorite jammies are a big comfy t-shirt or long sleeved cozy shirt and long john bottoms, uh-mazing! I'm soooo happy you have this new blog too :)! That was a lot of - ! - See what you do to us readers!?

  3. i spent the whole day in a hotel in LA ince because they bed was so amazing. room service and tv. best!

  4. i love this. do more! i always feel so awkward when i get room service though.

  5. I agree wholeheartedly! I'm 26 and still, everytime I stay in a hotel I still think 'wow I feel like a grown-up' but I also feel like a kid in a hotel. If you catch my drift?

  6. You have not been updating this side-blog. You must be going out.

  7. I'm with Daren; how dare you go out and have a life?!! Blog dammit!

  8. Dear god. Thanks for this blog.

  9. i love staying in hotels... sometimes i just check into them, and not tell anyone, you know to be all incognito and disappear.


  10. I'm jealous of three things Lesley,
    Your cool-ass hair.
    That you are in Sweden.
    That you are surrounded by big, fluffy pillows in what looks like a super-posh hotel room.

    Have a fun time! Post some pictures of Sweden!

  11. I love this blog. Please stay in and post more!